Safari 3 is awesome. It’s really fast, it finally got decent debugging tools, and it just feels so native in ways no other browser on OS X does. But all is not well. Safari 3 is one hungry hound for cookies!

Every time Safari crashes and burns, which is a surprisingly frequent occurrence when Flash or a media player is involved, it decides to take all my cookies with it and munch away. That’s pretty effin’ annoying.

It means logging in to a ton of sites that already had the “remember me” setting put. It often even means requesting a new security token from Chase Bank before I can see my statement. It just blows.

So please Safari team, can we get the cookie lust under control? Of course, it would be even better if Safari didn’t go down as much, but I recognize that media players and flash can make that hard (Firefox often goes down on the same counts, but leaves the cookies alone).