Quick start at TripIt
TripIt.com has a neat way to get customers started: Just forward a confirmation email to plans@tripit.com.

get started

Randy Peterman wrote:

Attached is a screen capture (plus photoshop blurring) of an email I received from TripIt.com.  I was impressed with their email’s removing the need for me to create an account to use their service: it was already created for me!  That’s a great way to reduce trepidation by simply staying ahead of the creating an account takes time excuse.  Users can easily evangelize their friends because the cost of entry is so small.


How it works: You forward flight and hotel confirmation emails and it automatically processes them. It then offers related maps, directions from airport to hotel, weather for your travel dates in both locations, etc.

Theocacao has a nice combination of lush ornament and minimalism.


This bold submit button in Gmail is a simple but effective way to make a default button stand out.

submit bold

Making a UI to input “Availability”
Brian D. Armstrong sent a link to an article he wrote about “interesting UI decisions to show someone’s ‘availability’ both in time and location.”

For scheduling I made two drop down menus. The first drop down shows days, and the second shows time. The choices force the results to be consistent and gives them some flexibility in how detailed they want to get. It also doesn’t let them get TOO detailed. This is good and intentional.

time avail

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