We’ve recently added a few more “quick hit” demo videos to the Backpack tour. These tutorials show how easy it is add users to your Backpack account and share pages with them:

Video: Add others to your Backpack account
“Backpack excels when you use it with other people. Add co-workers, colleagues, friends, or family to your account and share pages, knowledge, files, calendars, reminders, and more.”

Video: How to share Backpack pages with colleagues and friends
“Backpack makes it easy to share a page of information that you’ve created. People you share with can also add new items and change content on the page. It’s perfect for quick collaboration or sharing knowledge.”

And this video answers a question we get a lot…

Video: How to get your Basecamp Milestones into your Backpack Calendar
The answer: By adding the Milestones iCal feed into your Backpack calendar. This video shows you how. More details here.

And in case you missed the first time around, there are also the videos we posted along with the original launch announcement:

Video: Make a Backpack Page
Video: Backpack Calendar
Video: Backpack Newsroom
Video: Backpack Messages
Video: Backpack Reminders

Also, the BackpackIt.com home page has a video that offers a big picture look at how Backpack works. It’s only two minutes and is a good place to start if you just want an overview.