Gary Vaynerchuk is a legend in the making.

Gary is best known for his wonderfully passionate video reviews on his self-styled Wine Library TV. But he’s much deeper than that. Gary is an incredibly shrewd businessman with and innovative and intuitive business mind. Gary understand the next generation of promotion as well as anyone I’ve ever seen.

He’s a master of the things that really matter now.

1. A master of the product he sells. He understands everything there is to understand about his product. He knows the business, the process, the flavors, the appeal inside and out. He’s immune to dogma — he has his own opinions about his product and his industry.

2. A master of PR. Without a PR firm he’s been on Conan, Ellen, and Nightline. His video reviews are watched by over 60,000 people a day. A good portion of those people don’t give a damn about wine either. They’re there to see Gary go. He’s talked about at wine conferences, tech conferences, print media, new media, everywhere. This is not an accident.

3. He’s a master of community. His wine reviews routinely get well over 100 comments. Some topping 300. His obsessed fans, affectionately branded the Vayniacs, are as passionate as he is. Through link ups, Facebook friending, and relentless Twittering, he gives them the fuel, attention, and love they need to keep the fire burning. And he reminds them that he appreciates every moment of it.

4. He’s a master of his own brand. He endlessly promotes Wine Library, his family’s wine shop, and his own brand on camera, off camera, and through merchandising. He genuinely believes you can help people by being true to yourself. When you think of Gary you think of authentic passion. Is there a better quality for any brand? Here’s some more great advice from Gary at Strategic Profits Live.

5. He’s a sharer. Gary shares all day long. He understand that when you share you get back more in return. But fundamentally he’s not really sharing to get back, he’s sharing because he loves to give. He loves giving his opinion on wine, business, life, etc. He wants other people to be successful.

On top of all this, Gary is just one hell of a nice guy. I’ve recently gotten to know him and the one thing that really stands out — besides his ridiculous energy — is his generosity and overall desire to see others do well. Tara Hunt’s interview is a great example of this. I look forward to learning a lot from Gary. I hope you do too.