We’ve always been about the Fortune 5,000,000 – the small businesses of the world. The mom and pops, the freelancers, the small shops, and the small businesses with fewer than 10 people are our bread and butter.

However, recently we’ve been seeing more emails and signups from people who work at bigger companies and organizations. Lots of governmental agencies are showing up on our customer radar, too.

So about a week ago we dug into the data and discovered some interesting stats:

Basecamp is being used at…

  • 35 of the Fortune 50
  • 68 of the Fortune 100
  • 321 of the Fortune 500

Highrise is being used at…

  • 23 of the Fortune 50
  • 41 of the Fortune 100
  • 127 of the Fortune 500

Remember, we don’t have any salespeople here, so just about all of these signups are self-service/self-discovery or through word of mouth referrals.

We often hear from folks inside these companies. They’re beyond frustrated with the software/solutions they’re supposed to use. So they turn to our products because they just plain work. Sometimes they expense them, but often it seems a team or department head just pays out of their own pocket. The cost is insignificant compared to the productivity they receive in return.

We salute these insurgents!

Now just to be clear, we’re not suggesting that 35 of the Fortune 50 use Basecamp company-wide. We’re just saying that there are people or teams at these companies that are using Basecamp. Also, we’re using email addresses for the matching so it may not be perfectly precise.