Wrigley’s new Big-E-Pak is a really smart product.

The package is a stand up tub with 60 pieces inside. You can pop the top and grab as many pieces as you’d like. Or, you can pop the little “share” flap, shake the tub, and drop a few pieces into your friend’s hand.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to have some gum around but doesn’t want to have to keep buying boxes, dealing with wrappers, foil packs, etc. 60 pieces in a self-contained, upright Big-E-Pak fits nicely on your desk, counter, or in your car.

Since the beginning, gum packages have been optimized for the pocket or drawer. Wrigley finally asked “why does gum need to be that portable all the time?”

This is really a great example of innovating through utilitarian package design. The product is the same inside, but outside it’s different.

Smart thinking. Well done.