A few weeks ago we gave everyone a peek at in/out, our internal app for keeping track of who’s doing what and what everyone’s recently completed.

We mentioned that we were considering building it into Backpack. Today we’re pleased to announce that the Journal is now part of Backpack. Just log into your Backpack account and click the Journal tab. The Journal is available on all plans—from free to Max.

The Journal eliminates the need to constantly ask each other “What are you working on right now?” and “What did you do today?”

Watch a video

A full-size video is also available.

RSS and an API too

As part of the Journal launch, we’ve updated the Backpack API to include journal entries and status listings. We’re excited to see what people build with the journal API.

The Journal also has its own RSS feed so you can keep up to date on what people are doing without having to log into Backpack.

We hope you find the Journal useful

The Backpack Journal has become an integral part of our work day. We’re checking it all the time to see what everyone is working on and what’s been finished. We don’t have to bother each other to find out what everyone is up to. It’s a huge interruption saver (and we know how interruption is the enemy of productivity).

Special thanks to Jamis for prepping the Journal for launch and documenting the API at the last minute.