This weekend Highrise had its one month anniversary. 30 days is a fun number, but we wanted to share some additional first-30-days numbers as well.

  • Over 500,000 contacts (people and companies combined) have been added so far
  • Just about 75,000 tasks have been added. That’s a lot of stuff to get done.
  • 130,000 notes have been added
  • Over 7,000 cases have been created
  • About 40,000 emails have been forwarded into Highrise (email and Highrise get along great)
  • And just over 9,000 files have been uploaded so far as well

Those numbers, the uptake, and the fact that Highrise is our fastest selling product ever tells us we’re off to a great start.

In the first 30 days we also made some significant improvements:

We’re working on some more flexible importing features now and have some other great stuff planned this year. Stay tuned.

And remember, for a limited time if you sign up for a Max or Premium Highrise account you get Campfire Premium for free. This also applies if you upgrade to a Max or Premium plan from any other Highrise plan.

Thanks again for making the first 30 days of Highrise memorable.