Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Mailmanagr allows you to send e-mail messages to various categories within your Basecamp projects
“Mailmanagr, in it’s current form, will allow you to send e-mail messages (complete with attachments) to various categories within your Basecamp projects. You can set up an e-mail address for each category, or just set up an “E-mail dropbox” category, and create an address for that.”


Video: Backpack tips for dragging
This video shows you how to use the Home/End and Page Up/Down keys for dragging items around a Backpack page quickly. Also, you’ll see how easy it is to drag an item to a page in the sidebar.

Productivity blogger calls Backpack “insanely easy”
“I’ve also been continually using their Pages feature in many different ways. One time I used it to keep a rolling ToDo list for things I needed to do during Annual Training. Another time I used it to keep track of the wines that we like. Another use has been as a shared project tracker. It’s really so easy and modular that you can use it for about whatever you need. Rarely have I used a product that was so easy, and I dare say fun, that it encouraged me to use it more. Backpack does that to me on a daily basis.”

zendeskProvide Campfire-based “Live Support Chat” with the flip of a switch using new Zendesk widget
“The sample integration is very basic but Zendesk clients who embed the Javascript widget in their help desk are now able to provide “Live Support Chat” by the flip of a switch. Provided they have a Campfire account. End-users’ help desk credentials are automatically transferred to the chat session.”

Campfire “indispensable” for Gizmodo team
“We have a web application called Campfire in which we post links to the stories we’re going to write about, so that there’s no confusion as to who is doing what. We also use campfire to crack jokes, hurl insults, flirt, flatter and threaten the other members of the team. It’s the closest we get to an ‘office’ with the editors spread all over Europe and the US. At the moment we have two in Spain, one in Portugal, one in Chicago, four or so in NY, and three on the West Coast, so Campfire is indispensable.”

Multiple products
Mad Mimi uses Campfire for customer support and also digs the “Basecamp Vibe” (i.e. beauty, economy, and simplicity)
“Well, to begin with, Basecamp helped us out with EVERYTHING. We went from technological imbeciles to technology newbies in no time. Basecamp is much more than a simple app. It was our ENTIRE BUSINESS. Our offices, our conference room, our file cabinets, our calendars, our traffic department, our bulletin board, our lounge, everything. Our team was based in five different cities, so we have to credit Basecamp for taking Mad Mimi from infancy to the launch of a groundbreaking product.”

Getting Real
Jason Stirman: “The Getting Real philosophy is a big part of why my apps have had such great success”
“I am sick of web apps, but I build them for a living. I’m sick of registering, filling out profiles, managing accounts, making connections, trying new stuff and ultimately, looking for value. I can’t build that stuff anymore, I just can’t. I read “Getting Real” as I was learning Ruby on Rails, in hopes of finding a new mindset for approaching my job. I found a new mindset, and a renewed passion for solving problems online…Getting Real not only had a great deal to do with the success of my apps thus far, but also made building and maintaining them a real pleasure.”

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