A few of this week’s 37signals staff posts at Twitter.

Jason Friedjasonfried: The reason you can’t get it done in one day/week/month is because you’re making it take two days/weeks/months.

Ryan Singerrjs: For fans of Christopher Alexander’s recent books, Nikos Salingaros’ “A Theory of Architecture” is a must read http://amzn.to/cGOdBg

Jason Rehmuslongstride: Calling in GMail is pretty cool. Add it as one your Google Voice lines and you get inbound calls, too.

Matt Lindermanmattlinderman: Sparklines:Graphic designers = Windmills:Don Quixote

DHHdhh: The Ruby future goes through 1.9.2 and you come along. It’s never been easier to work with multiple versions w/ RVM: http://bit.ly/15h0ax

Sam Stephensonsstephenson: I wish more Mac utilities used prefpanes instead of menu bar icons.