Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Why The Demo Coach switched from Salesforce to Highrise
“To my surprise, Highrise turned out to be an amazing SAAS, which allows us to have basically the same functionality as Salesforce. The biggest differences to me is that the user interface is much more enjoyable to work with and the cost is a fraction of what I am used to paying for CRM.”

Coming soon: Outpost will let you manage Basecamp projects on your iPhone
Outpost (coming in August 2008 from Morfunk) promises to let you manage your Basecamp projects on your iPhone: “Take notes away from the office. Delegate tasks from the train. Check on deadlines. Upload photos to projects. Anywhere.”

outpost outpost

Entrepreneur/Author at “Basecamp brought a ‘best practices’ rigor to my business”
“Basecamp brought a ‘best practices’ rigor to my business. It gave us a common nomenclature for projects and allowed us to organize our content workflow into headings like Overview, Messages, To-Do’s, Milestones and more, tied to each project.”

Blue Flavor thinks the Backpack Journal is “fan-frickin-tastic”
“About a month ago I read about Backpack’s new Journal feature. It seemed very interesting and after about a week of playing with it, I decided to get the rest of the team to try it out. Now we’ve got an amazing status tool (ala Twitter) AND an ongoing record of what everyone has an is working on. I find this really useful in planning my resources and projects. It’s also got all sorts of side benefits; keeping the team in touch in a low-noise way, reducing distraction by allowing people to announce that they’re busy. ‘Hey don’t bug me! I’m heads-down!!’”

Getting Real creator on Getting Real and building an app in his spare time with no budget
“I developed the site in five months using only my spare time (nights, holidays…) and $0 budget…I started to read it and after a few chapters I couldn’t believe how lucky I was: a lot of the questions I was doing myself during the development, could finally have answers, or at least guidance! Your book came in at the right moment, completely out of the blue.”

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