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[Case Study] Marketing firm BKWLD loves Basecamp because it’s “intuitive, easy to use, and easy on the eyes”
“Private messages and to-do lists were a godsend for one client. This was a particularly challenging project for an extremely difficult client. Private messaging in Basecamp gives us control of our client’s perception of their project, while still allowing us to be explicit with its nitty-gritty parts all in one convenient place. Sometimes the work gets a little ugly, but keeping a professional facade is extremely important to some clients. Basecamp accommodates this nicely.”

BKWLD’s Dashboard.

How Blutique uses Litmus and Basecamp to deliver page and test results to clients
Silas Peterson of Blutique, an interactive consultancy located in New Orleans, Louisiana, writes in to tell us about how his team uses LitmusApp inside of Basecamp to deliver page and email platform test results to their clients.

Litmus and Basecamp.

“Backpack has changed my life”
“I’m able to use this extremely affordable system to manage small projects, allow people to collaborate, image files, create lists, assign tasks, edit and share calendars and more…I think this is an excellent solution for small companies and start ups.”

How do I build a bulk mailing list in Highrise?
You can do this by giving each contact you want on the mailing list the same tag and then exporting the list…Click the “Tags” tab and click that specific tag to bring up all contacts on your list. Then click the “Export” link in the sidebar. Choose the format you want and save the list. You can then import this list into the application that you use to send group emails, create mailing labels, etc.

Multiple products
Less Accounting, more Basecamp and Highrise
“Accounting sucks. Less Everything makes it suck less. Our flagship product, was built with ease-of-use at the core of the accounting software, which caters to small businesses and freelancers. The app just got even better by integrating with Basecamp and Highrise to make importing contacts ridiculously simple.”

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