Kris Jordan published detailed summaries of 37signals’ presentations at the Web 2.0 Expo in NYC yesterday:

1) Jason Fried: Keynote: Be a Software Curator

Think of yourself as a curator. You want to be a curator. You have to decide what comes in and what goes out. Curator’s job is to say no. Curator takes an entire universe of options to decide whether or not something makes it into a museum. If you think of your product as a museum and your features as art then you’re in charge. If you take all of the possible art and put it into a room it doesn’t make it a museum. All the art in the world in a single room isn’t a museum it’s a warehouse.

2) Jason Fried: Things We’ve Learned at 37Signals

Momentum – Has its hands in just about everything and is incredibly important. Esp for morale. Most typical projects are really exciting at the beginning and then people tend to lose interest and fade out. Long projects eat at you and you’re not even looking to do good stuff you just want to finish things and they don’t turn out well. Create a situation where projects are short and there’s excitement and it’s a short 2 week project and it leaves people in excited mode. Break big projects into as many small projects. 2 week rule.

3) David Heinemeier Hansson: Go REST with Rails

How did I get interested in all this? I wasn’t interested in programming I was interested in having programs. I desired an outcome. Same thing with REST.

[thanks VH]