Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

[Case Study] UK-India development team keeps the beat with Basecamp
“We can all communicate in an efficient way and if we need to discuss or share something about a project, it goes on Basecamp. No longer are we searching our Inbox for Photoshop designs, snippets of source code or finding out what happened to a task. We all simply log onto Basecamp and there is everything we need, in one place. It’s that simple.”

Just updated Project Recon lets Windows users bring Basecamp projects and to-dos to the desktop
Project Recon, which gives Windows users browserless access to Basecamp projects and time, just released a major update with a completely redesigned interface (inspired by the iPhone).

Backpack reminders can help you quit smoking
“What the World’s Healthiest Guys Know” [Men’s Health] talks about quitting smoking. The magazine’s hot tip? Use Backpack to send yourself daily text messages encouraging quitting. A study showed that reminders like that double your chances of success.

Tips on using Backpack for travel planning
“With Backpack, I can create a page far in advance to capture the basics of the trip. I was recently at a conference in Copenhagen for example where I had registered about 6 months in advance. I created the page, forwarded my registration confirmation to it, and the info was there waiting for me to polish off the details later on when the event was closer.”

Getting Real
Getting Real helps teachers too
“many Getting Real ideas are well suited for teaching, e.g. ‘Test in the wild.’ As a teacher, you can have a million great ideas and approaches to teaching. Many teachers try to work out perfect solutions spending a lot of time BEFORE the first run. If it turns out that the idea does not work well, this time is wasted. Instead, I’m trying to do a “rough version one” and if it looks promising I do “iterative cycles” polishing the procedure.”

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