Maybe you want a lot of ice.

Here’s what this Burger King cup says on the side:

Maybe you want a lot of ice. Maybe you want no ice. Maybe you want your top securely fastened, or maybe you want to go topless. Hmmm? Maybe you want to mix Coke and Sprite. Maybe you want to let your cup runneth over (we wish you wouldn’t.) Whatever you do, make sure to have things your way.

Alex Bogusky, partner and executive creative director at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami, Burger King’s lead agency says the burger chain decided “to create a dialogue with the consumer” using the immense amount of white space available on its current packaging. The packaging is an extension of the “voice of the brand.”

Voice of the brand, eh? Funny, because the whole bragging about things you can get anywhere (e.g. “Maybe you want a lot of ice. Maybe you want no ice.)” sounds a lot like the fast food version of Saturday Night Live’s First CityWide Change Bank:

Maybe Burger King should end it’s cup copy with this: “We can handle special requests like that, usually in the same day.”