Today we officially announced a big new Highrise feature called Deals. Deals lets you keep track of proposals, bids, and estimates you’re submitted, won, or lost.

This new feature is especially handy for designers, developers, contractors who bid on projects for clients. Now you’ll know which proposals are still out for bid, when you sent them, who you’re expecting to hear back from, which ones you won, which ones you’ve lost, and how much money you’ve made from each customer.

I wish I had Highrise Deals when we were doing website design. I had a hard time remembering all the RFPs we’d responded to and how many projects we’d won or lost and why we’d won or lost them. Saying I was disorganized would be kind.

The best way to get a feel for the new feature is to watch a video demo:

(See a bigger, clearer version on the Product Blog)

If you don’t have a Highrise account, sign up today. If you do, we hope you find Deals useful! Thanks again for your continued support.