Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

[Case study] How record producer Bill Moriarty uses Highrise to keep track of album projects
bill“Despite living in the same city we rarely see each other in person, we barely have meetings, we don’t have conference calls, we don’t do IM… Highrise is where everything goes. It’s how Chris & I stay in sync with what was said, what was promised, potential projects, and where I’m currently in an album’s progress. If we worked only in email all these vital communications would just be lost in the email noise. Using Highrise makes us focus just on what’s important to making records and running our company.”

Using Highrise export as an offline backup
“We were recently talking to a customer who occasionally needs to access information in Highrise while he’s offline. His solution: He exports all his data from Highrise every few weeks so he’s got an offline backup on his hard drive.”

How Ice-Qube Preparedness System founder relies on Basecamp
“Basecamp has enabled me to function like a big company, makes the most effecient use of my time, gives me the most information I could want to supervise and access my teams participation, serves as the ultimate back up and makes sense of my wild mind and ultimately grows my business.”

[Case Study] The Vianova Group President on “the ‘less is more’ streamlined eloquence that is Basecamp”
“Reluctantly I set up my first project which was a large-scale fundraising event involving a large and diverse committee of staff and volunteers.  Much to my surprise the entire group began using Basecamp immediately. More importantly, there are significant intangible team benefits to the “less is more” streamlined eloquence that is Basecamp.  My clients frequently tell me how much they appreciate us giving them a highly effective tool that is so easy to use.”

NJP“New Journal of Physics” article mentions Basecamp
Scientist Darran Edmundson, of EDM Studio, Inc., wrote an article for “New Journal of Physics” that includes a couple of mentions of Basecamp.

Multiple products
Backpack and Highrise at Wall Street Journal site
“Tips for ‘Getting Things Done’” is a video at The Wall Street Journal that includes a discussion of Backpack (and screenshots of Highrise) as tools that help you be more productive.

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