My Macbook Pro 2.2 just decided to kill the display and all I get is blank on boot. Apparently, it’s a known issue relating to the 1.5/1.5.1 firmware update. When the software fixes don’t work (and they didn’t), the solution is to change the logic board. Nice.

This incident made me think about all the Macs I’ve had for the past few years and how they’ve all failed in various ways. I often donate older machines to family, so I get to hear about how they do 2-3-4 years into the process. And it’s usually not pretty.

My old G4 iMac had it’s DVD drive fail on it after two years. Three of my older laptops have had their hard drives fail (with painful data loss in one instance). One of my Macbook pros that my brother is using lost its firewire ports and its DVD drive (it’s just 2 years old). Mary’s fairly new Macbook air is making weird noises occasionally.

It’s a pretty terrible statistic. Jason’s current Macbook Pro also has a variety of issues and he ordered a new one just to be sure he wasn’t left stranded. Luckily, I also just got myself a new MBP (and the dual-DVI cable is supposed to arrive tomorrow!).

I wonder if this is just par for course. Or if I, and many people I know, have just been incredibly unlucky with Apple gear. But it has happened enough times that it seems statistically unlikely.

So please share your successful run of Apple machines that have been able to last 3-4 years without breaking down. I need to regain some faith.