2008 is over. For all the economic doom and gloom as of late, 2008 was a good year for 37signals. We continued to grow our customer base and our revenues. That makes 5 consecutive years of double-digit revenue growth. We’re very proud of that.

We also hired four new full-time people this year. Sarah Hatter joined us full time in March (she was working on as a contractor prior to March). She heads up customer service/support. Jeffrey Hardy came on in January. He’s a remarkably talented and efficient programmer. Jamie Dihiansan joined us in September. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Jamie’s design work in the coming months. And Joshua Sierles also joined us in September. Joshua’s our second system administrator. It’s really an honor to be able to work with these people — and our whole team — every day.

We’ve also been very hard at work improving our products. Aside from some significant infrastructure enhancements to increase speed, capacity, security, billing, and reliability, here’s a list of some of the major public-facing improvements to our Big 3: Basecamp, Highrise, and Backpack:



  • Deal tracking and a Deals API: Huge new feature. Track proposals and deals in Highrise. Keep track of deals won, lost, and pending. Keep track of how much money you’ve earned from each client.
  • Advanced search: Search by location, phone, email, and more.
  • Bulk delete: Top request: Delete multiple contacts or companies at once. Deleting people is no longer a hassle.
  • Improved import review and undo: Review previous imports and roll-back with a single click.
  • File view: Now you can just view files attached to a person or company. No more wading through all the notes and emails to find the PDF proposal.
  • Major improvements to tasks: Cleaner UI, better date picker, iCalendar feed for dated tasks, and more.
  • Bulk tagging: Tag multiple people or companies at one. Big request satisfied.
  • Better contact filtering: Recently viewed, recently added, people without notes in 30 days, people who aren’t tagged, etc.
  • Faster sidebar search: Major speed increase for the most commonly used Highrise feature.
  • CSV/Excel import: Import your contacts from CSV or Excel files. Top request.
  • Export all notes and emails: Now you can export all your notes and emails as well (before you could only export contacts).
  • New marketing site: Total redesign.


There have also been some big developments in the world of Ruby on Rails including the merging of Merb into Rails 3.

We’re working on some very cool stuff for 2009. We’re looking forward to getting it in your hands just as soon as we can.

Thanks again for reading our blogs (Signal vs. Noise and the Product Blog), following our company on Twitter, buying our Getting Real book, posting jobs on our Job Board, and, of course, using our products. Thanks for being our customer. You make it all possible and worthwhile.

Wishing everyone success in 2009!