The media is biased towards stories that want to be told. This is especially true about the media covering the web world. It’s much easier to write a story about Facebook, Google, Youtube, or any of the other limelight stories where much of the juicy details are willingly shared.

We have so many visitors!
We make so much money on advertising!
We got so much funding!

Inflating evaluations are great when you’re listed on the market, gunning for more venture capital, or trying to bail with the biggest parachute. So naturally these companies drip and drop the honey for the journo worker bees and we get all these silly stories about younger and younger people being worth more and more monopoly money.

In the mean time, many of the real stories are never told. The quiet successes by small teams who stand little if anything to gain by sharing their numbers and telling about their success. Lest they attract competitors or other unwanted interest. They’re just happy making millions quietly from happy customers.

I’ve talked to so many of these entrepreneurs in private and have often been shocked by how well they’re doing. And I always think to myself: 1) why didn’t I know about this?, and 2) if only everyone else knew too.

This is especially evident in discussions about successful businesses online. People point at the big media stories and perhaps a few more and think disparagingly to themselves that this is probably it. If you’re not one of the high profile media darlings, you’re never going to get that trip to space. Bullcrap!

Know that the world of successful businesses online is much larger than that tiny tip that peaks above the surface for a reporter to find. There’s incredible wealth being created below. Sure, they’re probably not making billions (that’s hard to keep quiet), but there are plenty of untold millions.