Time’s Best Inventions 2006 has some neat stuff:

air bed
Janjaap Ruijssenaars air mattress uses a matching set of repelling magnets, built into the bed and the floor below, to support ~2,000 lbs.

The Wovel snow shovel on a wheel clears snow with a fraction of the effort and is safer on your back too. People in snowy climes will, um, wove it.

Attach radio-frequency-emitting tags to your keys or other easily lost possessions and use Loc8tor to point you in the right direction (within an inch of your item) while the tag itself beeps.

CeeLite’s paper-thin, flexible lightbulb “sheets” are funky. See a video clip of Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers drum kit hooked up with CeeLite panels.

twist and spout
It’s not on Time’s list but here’s another smart gadget idea: Twist & Spout fits virtually any soda or water bottle with a screw-on cap. Use the Garden style to create an instant watering can.

One more: Ecopod is a home recycling center with compaction and collection.