Matt Carey: “i came across the ‘learn more overview’ at the gizmo project site today. wow, someone needs to tell them that ‘less is more’! i’m still confused! box and arrow overload!”


Abel Cole
Melissa Fehr writes:

Abel & Cole are an organic produce delivery company here in the UK, and I just signed up to them this morning. The interesting bit is that within your account preferences, you can specify which fruit and veg you dislike, which you don’t mind, and which you love, all with an easy smiley face matrix. Then the system takes these into account when filling your box each week so you get the stuff you love if it’s available (like blueberries and squash for me) and never the stuff I hate (like brussel sprouts).

What’s cool is that you can specify groups all at once, so if you dislike all berries, you can choose to exclude all of them at once, or just exclude strawberries put keep all other berries, and you can set up temporary exclusions, like if you have a ton of apples on hand already and don’t need any more for this week’s delivery.

I just thought this was such a great way to get across quite complicated information about each person’s food foibles, and it was done in such a clear and simple way.

able cole

Brett Gibson on eBay result tips: “I can see where this would be helpful.”

ebay results

Michell Zappa: “this is from iSquint’s help menu. i’m glad to see some people still have a sense of humor :)”


(Note: Probably not that funny if you actually need help.)

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