We just launched a revised version of our home page. The redesign took about 2 days from paper to screen to launch.

New on the left, old on the right.

The goal was to tighten up the design, say more with less words, and hone our overall message. We wanted to shine the spotlight on our current three paying apps (Basecamp, Backpack, and Campfire). The redesign also gave us an opportunity to commit to a new typeface we’ve been itching to use for a while now. I see we’re not the only ones who like that type.

There was one other goal: begin to unify the design, layout, and HTML/CSS of our corporate and product sites. This new design will serve as a template for our redesigned product sites which we’ll begin to roll out in 2007.

It feels good to start with a clean CSS slate. New sheet, no legacy. New foundations are fun to build.