We’ve been working hard to make it easier to organize and access your Backpack pages. Earlier this month we released reorderable sidebar links. Today we’re announcing another feature for your sidebar. Now you can add tags to your sidebar too.

Tags are like keywords you can use to label a page. If you have some pages that relate to sales, you can add a “sales” tag to each page. Then you can click “sales” on your “All Pages” screen to quickly see all pages that have been labeled “sales.” Basically tags are a simple and powerful way to group your pages together so you can easily find them later. Tags have been available in Backpack for a long time. What’s new today is that you can bookmark your favorite tags in your sidebar so you can easily jump to tagged pages.

Here’s how it works. First make sure you have some pages tagged. You can tag a page by clicking the “Tag” link on the top of any of your pages:

After you have tagged some pages, you can click the “All Pages” link in the sidebar to see a list of all your tags. The “All Pages” screen has a list of your tags on the right side:

Click on one of the tags on the right to see the pages for that tag.

This tag screen has a new link on the bottom. You can click “Add the ‘Development’ tag to my sidebar” and the tag will be bookmarked in your sidebar along with your favorite pages. Whenever you click the bookmark in the sidebar, it will take you to this tag screen so you can jump to a related page. You can also reorder the tags and mix them up with your list of pages. Just hover over a tag with your mouse and you’ll see the icon on the right side to drag the bookmark up and down.

This update should make it easier for you to group pages and quickly access them. For those of you with a ton of pages, it can also help reduce clutter in your sidebar. We’re excited to see all the creative ways our customers use this feature. Thanks for your continued support. We hope you like this new addition to Backpack!