Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Basecamp integration added to The Invoice Machine
“With just a few clicks you can easily generate invoices of your Basecamp data. If the Basecamp integration is enabled, an “Insert From Basecamp” option will be available when you create or edit an invoice or a recurring template. You can also import your companies and people when you create or edit a client.”


CannyBill integrates with Basecamp to provide invoicing, billing & web hosting automation
“CannyBill integrates seamlessly with Basecamp, allowing you to import / export customer details, track project time and invoice clients for work or services rendered. CannyBill adds not only the invoicing, billing and paid time tracking functionality to Basecamp, but also automates the process of setting up new domain names, hosting accounts and even SSL certificates, by linking in with popular APIs from the likes of Enom, GeoTrust and Plesk.”


How LA design firm Studiofluid uses Basecamp to help pitch clients
“I clearly see that Basecamp provides me the infrastructure of a larger company, while allowing me to retain the flexibility of a smaller one. That is why I include it as a selling point in every proposal I write…I’ve had multiple clients tell me after working with me on Basecamp, that it is far better than the custom solutions they’ve sunk thousands of dollars into developing (and abandoning) over the years.”

[Case study] FSC Group launches 25 new products in 90 days with help from Basecamp
“We had 90 days to launch 25 new products with new branding, in 2 countries, with 2 languages. We had two product manufacturers, three designers, three companies from the brand owner (head office and two local organisations), three packaging producers and our own team were based in five different countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland and UK). Basecamp allowed us all to work together in a way that had not been possible before. The messaging and filing system ensured that all stakeholders had access to everything they needed, were notified of all developments as they happened and were working with the most up to date file versions at any given time. We hit our every target and all 25 products were launched on time.”


Bring Basecamp to your iPhone or iPod Touch with Outpost (just updated to 1.0.2)
“Comprehensive support for messages, milestones, to-dos, and comments…We released Outpost 1.0.2 last week to a really great response — it seems we’ve finally nailed most crashes, etc.”


Using Backpack to plan a wedding
“Inexpensive, easy to use, and a great way to invite collaboration across a large group (think Mother in law, mom, bridesmaids, dad, the groom, and your wedding planner!) I’m currently using it with a client and love it—we might even make it part of our standard package in the future.”

Deals & Forecast Analyzer for Highrise (and other analyzers too)
A free app that gives you “the full overview of your sales and forecast in Highrise.” Also, there are a bunch of other Highrise analyzers available at YouCalc, including a Deals Pipeline Analyzer, Activity Analyzer, Case Analyzer, and Contacts Analyzer.


Propane lets you use Campfire with the “always on” advantages of a desktop app
Propane App lets you use Campfire with the “always on” advantages of a desktop app. “With a clean interface, smart drag-and-drop, custom notifications and more, Propane makes Campfire a joy to use on Mac OS 10.5.”

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