Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

New Basecamp feature: Significantly improved search
Today we launch a few major improvements to Basecamp search: 1. Search is significantly faster. 2. You can now search to-dos and milestones. 3. You can now search all your projects at once. We hope the faster, more comprehensive, more flexible search speeds up your productivity.

Search results with content types called out

Campfire + Pyro = Collaboration Heaven
Jordan Golson talks about how Campfire is helping his team collaborate on a new site. “You don’t have to worry about missing anything when you are away from your desk because when you sign back into Campfire, everything that has been said in the past is there waiting for you. It’s great if you work with a bunch of people in all different places and time zones.”

Fuego founder uses Highrise to de-clutter inbox and centralize notes/tasks
“Highrise rocks because it’s the perfect place for me to keep all the notes I used to keep on people locked away in Word notebooks. Now they’re attached directly to the person and searchable.”

Backpack calendar now shows times after events
The Backpack calendar now lists the times of events inline in the calendar view. Huzzah.

Adding footnotes to to-do list items
Use footnotes to link up a to-do item with its explanation.

Tinder: Campfire API
Developers who want to work with Campfire should check out Tinder, the unofficial Campfire API. We use it to send Subversion check-in notices and Capistrano deploy messages into our development chat room.

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