In a few weeks we’ll be welcoming Michael Berger to our team. Michael will be joining Sarah on customer service/support. We want to provide the best customer support in the business. Sarah has been kicking ass on her own, but it’s definitely time to add another person to the team. We’ve interviewed and tried a few other people, but we just haven’t found the right fit. Until now.

Turns out it’s a small world. Last year my mom went to an Apple Store in suburban Chicago to have an Apple Genius look at a problem with her laptop. She raved about the service and mentioned that the guy who helped her recognized her last name and asked her if she was my mom. Yup, that was her. And yup, that Apple Genius was Michael Berger.

Why Michael?

Michael has been working for Apple since 2004. He started as a Mac Specialist and was promoted to Genius in July of 2005. He was famous among co-workers and customers alike for providing “Bergercare” — beyond kick-ass customer support. Michael really cares about helping people. He’s built for it.

Fast forward to late 2008. Michael heard we were looking for another support person through some mutual friends. We interviewed him a few times, put him through a few weeks of part-time support work and basic training, and decided that he’s our guy.

We offered him the job last week and he accepted.

So everyone please welcome Michael Berger to the team!