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How a business school student uses Highrise and Backpack to aid in his internship hunt
“Without Highrise, I’d still be sputtering along with a series of file and folders on my Mac. That process would dramatically slow me down, as I’d have to keep paper to do lists all over the place (and paper doesn’t send you an email reminding you to get on the ball, but Highrise does).”

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Basecamp helps Peek team deliver value and affordability
“We early on split into multiple projects. Peek had a lot of concurrent projects from building the Peek device, to nailing down our PR/marketing strategy, to building the email servers, the list went on and on. We built projects for many of the streams, particularly ones with different vendors… but we always kept a main Peek Launch project so we all knew what was going on, from the earliest sketches of the device to the final excel sheet of software bugs, Basecamp kept us in touch. The highs and lows of starting up Peek all live in our Basecamp message history!”

Moses says, “Tools like Basecamp need to be part of every small business’ process”
“Today, most companies have either laid off staff or placed a hiring freeze, which means, companies require more out from their team than ever before. Where we’ve seen Basecamp add a ton of value with our client work, is the process in which the productivity of the team members raises to a higher level, where smaller teams are now producing more in less time; because, where before time was wasted on minuscule items and the back and forth, now time is invested in output and getting projects done on time.”

Some basic analytics for Basecamp from YouCalc
Some basic analytics for Basecamp from the folks at YouCalc.

Assembla integrates with Basecamp and offers workspaces and portfolios for distributed agile development teams
“To create a more unified team, Assembla shows a ‘Stream’ of team member activities – similar to the Basecamp dashboard. The webhooks option feeds this activity stream to REST enabled applications like Basecamp, Campfire, and Twitter. The Assembla Milestones tool can synchronize software iterations with Basecamp milestones, harmonizing the technology and design processes.”

Toggl time tracking integrates with Basecamp
“Toggl is currently growing fast, and we are very excited to be integrated with Basecamp. The integration works both ways – you can import clients, projects and team members from Basecamp and export tasks back for reports.”

Getting Projects Done with MindManager 8, Google Docs and Basecamp
MindManager software “uses the power of visual thinking to focus your actions on your most important job tasks.” Looks like an intriguing tool for those who think visually.

FrontPocket brings Backpack to your iPhone or iPod Touch
“The web’s best organizer and intranet just got better. FrontPocket makes interacting with your entire Backpack account simple and fast with the ability to manage pages, calendars, reminders, and the journal (plus Twitter).”

New in Highrise: Deal and Case Email Dropboxes
Now you can now forward, cc, or bcc an email directly to a deal or case and Highrise will attach the email to that deal or case. Before this feature you had to use the standard generic Dropbox email address, then edit the email that was sent in, select the deal or case from the pulldown, and then save the changes. This new feature bypasses all those steps.


Sendloop: professional email marketing service that integrates with Highrise
“Sendloop is integrated with Highrise for more than 5 months and being used by several Highrise customers happily. Import your Highrise contacts into your subscriber lists with a few clicks and send them targeted, trackable email campaigns. It’s so easy, so quick.”

Campfire Extras and Add-ons page
Campfire works with a variety of third-party customer service applications, iPhone, Windows and Mac OS X desktop programs, widgets and more. Now there’s an Extras and Add-ons page at the Campfire site where you can see all of them in one place.

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Ember: Campfire for your iPhone
Ember is a native Campfire application for the iPhone that features “a streamlined user interface for mobile chatting, live image previews right within the chat room, inline viewing of popular file formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), inline YouTube viewing, access to all your Campfire rooms, and full SSL support.”


Getting Real
Getting Real Daily
Want a dose of Getting Real one day at a time? Then check out Getting Real Daily, created by Chris Murphy. The site offers one essay from the book every day (not affiliated with 37signals).

Founder of 12khz: “Getting Real gave me that extra kick in the butt”
My problem has always been that I sit around, coding away, and never finish anything. After reading Getting Real I somewhat realized that one of my biggest issues is taking the scope down, so that I can grasp what has to be done, and then go and do it.

New in Writeboard: Email notifications
“It’s been a long time coming, too long actually, but we’ve finally added email notifications to Writeboards created from Basecamp and Backpack. You can now let people associated with the project in Basecamp or with the account in Backpack know that you’ve added a new comment or made a revision to a Writeboard.”


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