Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

The new 37signals API developer list
“The new 37signals API developer list is meant to be the new hub for all things 37signals API. A place where developers can discuss their experiences and challenges working with the APIs from Basecamp, Backpack, Highrise, and Campfire. We’ll try to make ourselves available as best we can to help answer questions and provide clarification on implementation”

Improving the Basecamp API
“We’ve been working behind the scenes to improve the Basecamp API. One recent change lets developers know whether the person making an API request is from a client or an internal firm.”

The Star-Ledger: Highrise is a a new breed of CRM that emphasizes simplicity
“I particularly like the description used by 37 signals, the makers of the Highrise CRM: Highrise is a great way for business to keep track of who talked to whom, what was said and what needs to happen next. The software excels in the way it blends contact management, to-do lists and other features. You look at a contacts page in Highrise, and you have a window into your communications with that person, notes from meetings, background and any tasks related to the contact.”

Put your Highrise Dropbox address in the BCC field automatically in
“Want to put your Highrise Dropbox address in the BCC field automatically in Easy Automatic Highrise Dropbox in Apple Mail offers a hack that will make it so.”

Sync your Ballpark estimates with Highrise Deals
“Ballpark, an app that lets you send estimates and invoices, now syncs with Highrise Deals.”

TUAW: “Satchel is Backpack on the iPhone done right”
“It’s worth every penny for the true Backpack fanatic. It’s gone a long way to removing the barrier for those looking to embrace Backpack as a service, but feeling a little hamstrung by the lack of a decent mobile interface. If you love Backpack, you’ll love Satchel.”

Why The Strategic Incubator chooses Backpack for internal project management
“Think of Backpack as your small business intranet where you share, store, secure, and discuss everything that is important for your team to accomplish a client engagement.”

Multiple products
“Create a kick ass intranet app using 37signals”
“Having all of these applications in place really creates a great intranet-type workflow. It’s helpful even when working solo but if you have a small team like me it really shines. I also noticed my people used the various apps a lot more once I introduced them to using OpenID to bring them together — as well as putting it all together in”

Convert password protected RSS feeds to emails with Feed My Inbox
“I found a free solution that will convert password protected rss feeds to emails that I just wanted to share with you guys. Since this might help other 37signals customers. Converting password protected rss feeds seems to be a challenge but works.”

txtinn^ is an online SMS application for Basecamp that allows you to create, schedule and monitor mobile SMS campaigns
“txtinn^ is a new Basecamp extra. It’s a simple SMS application that allows Basecamp users to create, schedule and monitor mobile SMS notifications and SMS campaigns.”

DoneDone: Web-based issue tracking tool integrates with Basecamp
“We built DoneDone because we just couldn’t find an issue tracking system that we actually liked (free or paid). To us, they all look like dropdown boxes made babies with an Excel spreadsheet. We wanted something better.”

Export contacts from Basecamp to CSV format with Trailmix
“Internet Simplicity offers up Trailmix, which lets you export contacts from Basecamp to CSV format. Perfect if you’re looking to get your Basecamp contacts into, say, a database or spreadsheet program. Looks dead simple too:”

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