Netflix nails it
“Netflix nails the customer experience. From site design, to emails, to packaging, to coding, the company is a champion at delivering a great experience.”

The casino experience
“From a design/experience perspective, casinos are fascinating places.”

Fear, shark attacks, and “Will it scale?”
“Allocate your fear properly. When it comes to building a web app, some things create more fear than they should.

Fireside Chat: Dan Cederholm, Jason Santa Maria, Ryan Sims, and Greg Storey
“The guests chat about what they’re working on, Korean design, Web 2.0 hype, and whether RSS is killing creativity.

Design Decisions: Backpack page blank slate
“So for the new version of Backpack we’re working on right now we wanted to rethink the blank slate. We wanted to get to the point faster. Make a better connection between what you can do, how you can do it, and where you can do it.

The power of rough edges
“If your goal is to speak with a unique voice (like at a personal blog), be more human (a small company trying to emphasize intimacy), show off a distinct style, or stand out from the crowd? Then some rough edges and discord can work wonders. Consider it a shabby chic approach to web design.

The difference between trying something and using something
“There’s a big difference between trying something and using something. Trying something is more common than using something. That’s why most products are optimized for trying.”