I tried to tell LinkedIn back in October that the relationship was over. That I wanted out. I was originally more than a little miffed when that turned out to require writing customer service, but only took a day or so to get a personal response from Michele at Customer Service telling me they got the message and I was gone.

Only I wasn’t. I kept getting those annoying invitations to join networks of people whom I’ve never met. After the third or fourth such invitation, I tried to login again and realized that indeed I hadn’t been deleted, despite the personal note from Michele.

So about a week ago, I tried to write customer service again and request that I be deleted from the system. This time there was no snappy reply and I’m still an active profile on LinkedIn.

Please guys, just lemme out. I’m not even interested in making a new big stink about how bad it is to have leaving the system be a customer service issue. I just really don’t want to get any more emails and I don’t want my profile in your system. Deal?