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New in Backpack: Improved “All Pages” screen
We’ve just improved the way pages are listed on your “All Pages” screen in Backpack. The redesigned list’s clear alphabetical groupings make it easier to find the page you’re looking for.


New in Campfire: Better hospitality over spotty Internet connections
We built a new feature to keep track of any messages that didn’t send. If for some reason your messages, pastes or images don’t send correctly, Campfire will now try again another time. If Campfire still can’t send your message, it will show a red notice below your message to notify you that the message wasn’t sent. This helps to make sure nobody miscommunicates or misses out in the event of a troublesome Internet connection.

Message wasn't sent

5 Basecamp tips from creator of web design bootcamp that teaches Basecamp 101
On September 17th, Ivan Stegic will be conducting the following workshop in Minneapolis: Web Design Bootcamp – Web 101, Drupal 101 & Basecamp 101 (“a full day seminar of everything you should know before you design your first website”). We asked Ivan to give us a few Basecamp tips.

Basecamp is “a must have practice tool” for lawyers
“Basecamp is used to manage cases and clients. Each client has access to their own case. By using Basecamp, each has access too all the documents in their case and also know when important court dates are. They can leave comments or questions about their case and they can keep up on the progress of their case. It keeps clients more involved in the process.”

Vote Basecamp for .net “Best of the Web” Awards
Basecamp is nominated for the .net “Best of the Web” Awards. Give us a vote if ya have a minute and we’ll be thankful!

Basecamp is the “glue” at iSeatz
“The development process to create KLM’s enhanced online booking engine was intricate, extensive and intense—but much more manageable because of Basecamp’s ability to enhance visibility and foster streamlined communications.”

Improved File Upload features return to Basecamp
We’re excited to announce the return of a set of improvements to File Uploads in Basecamp. These updates include an easier way to select multiple files and a new progress bar that gives feedback as your files are uploaded.

Basecamp is one of “Nine Essential Tools for a Virtual Studio”
“A cheap $25-a-month subscription gives us the ability to create as many project groups as we need, giving our publishing partners direct access to our daily project management and creating a single record of all design/production conversations. For things like posting the daily builds/notes, this is simply invaluable. The best part of it is that it can be configured to send email out when messages are posted, and you can reply directly to messages in your mail client and have them posted to Basecamp without opening a browser. Very cool.”

TeamSupport integrates with Highrise
TeamSupport is an app that “integrates Customer Support, Product Development, Product Management and Quality Assurance so you can offer outstanding support to your customers.” It now offers native integration with Highrise so that company and contact information can by synced from Highrise to TeamSupport, and ticket information can be sent back to Highrise.


Highrise customer: “For the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed using the CRM
“Within minutes, I was up and running, happily loading contacts into my new Highrise account and I never even had to call in the techies. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed using the CRM. It is so easy and intuitive that anyone can use it and it is actually designed to make the user’s life easier. While most systems are built first around the kind of trend data and reporting metrics that can be pulled with the user a distant afterthought, Highrise is built to help the user keep organized.”

Getting Real
Jamie Wright on Getting Real with consulting
In this interview, Jamie Wright, president of BrilliantFantastic Consulting describes how he applies the Getting Real software development process to his own consulting practices.

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