Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Amazon Web Services “success story” on 37signals
Amazon Web Services recently published a success story about 37signals’ usage of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

How a Masters student at Drexel uses Basecamp
“I’ve learned a lot just by interacting with the system and paying attention to what it does and how it does it. For me, being an aspiring systems developer Basecamp often makes me think ‘wow that’s really cool – i wonder how they do that.’”

Basecamp gets OpenID and “Open Bar”
Use the same login for Highrise, the Highrise Forums, the Basecamp Forums, and Basecamp. Plus you can use that same login at any OpenID-enabled site on the web.

Highrise has got your back in customer service interactions
Highrise is a handy way to keep track of all those pesky interactions with cable companies, cell phone companies, electric/gas companies, etc…Highrise makes it easy to remember whom you talked to and when. You’ll have a paper trail that you can refer back to at any time. You’ll be able to track all your conversations so nothing slips through the cracks. And you’ll be able to hold people accountable for promises that are made.

Insert “Update” tag graphic in Basecamp posts
Dave Rosen points out a neat little way to indicate updated content within Basecamp. When you’re typing a message/comment, just put “[UPDATE]” in there. Example: Basecamp turns your update text into a little tag graphic.

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