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How to win a client by including Basecamp in your pitch
“I created a new project, I generated a username and password and sent it to his e-mail which he immediately got via smart phone. I showed him how I had the Chieftent application on my iPhone and I went about creating milestones and to-do lists for his project. If we begin today, I’ll have the design document for you by this date, entered it into Basecamp, if we begin today, I’ll have a mockup via development server for you by this date, entered that into Basecamp too. He was clearly impressed.”

Give your customers Basecamp reporting without requiring them to login
“Want to give customers, partners, suppliers or other external users access to live reporting on specific Basecamp projects, but without giving them a login to Basecamp?”


Interior designer and client use Basecamp to collaborate on design of new baby room
Interior designer and client use Basecamp to collaborate on design of new baby room.

Encamp, a great iPhone app for Basecamp, renamed Insight
Use it and wherever you go you can stay connected with your projects and tasks.

Head of sales for a technology company: Basecamp is a “vital tool for honest communication”
“37signals has a nice package of collaborative tools that are perfect for any organization from bootstrapped to venture funded. Basecamp is their project management platform. It allows you to manage multiple projects, assign certain users to certain projects and milestones. The dashboard provides an easy to follow snapshot of everything that is going on within a project. My favorite part is that I can subscribe via RSS or email to the reminders, so I always know where everyone stands.”

Use Backpack to help sell items at Kijiji, eBay, Craigslist, etc.
“I set up my ad and include a link back to my Backpack page, which has been publicly shared. Instead of the standard 4 images allowed i can display as many pictures and very detailed descriptions as needed for the item I am selling. It has helped significantly when selling higher end items where people want to see more detail than is offered in the standard Kijiji ad.”

sharp page

Backpack helps grad student write masters thesis
“Backpack became my partner in writing a 65 page masters thesis as I stored links, references, and research materials on it. I could access it anywhere, and it was like password protected, virtual storage. I could let my advisor see my progress during various phases of my work, and it never let me down. If one computer failed or froze, I could just move to another one, and recall what I had last saved. I could email links and materials to the page on the fly for reading later. I could send myself deadline reminders and use the calendar to schedule interviews and other research needs.”

Tip: Email attachments to Backpack pages
“Backpack Tip: Send attachments to a Backpack page…I have come to use this on a regular basis now. Have some attachment in your email you want to save in Backpack, just email it to your page’s email address, and magically, you’d find your message along with the attachments! Super handy!”

Tip for what to do if you accidently delete something in Backpack
“If you accidently delete something, check the RSS feed or the page history – it just saved me!”

Multiple products
37signals ID begins rolling out
Here’s a list of many of the major changes that come along with the 37signals ID username and password system upgrade rolling out this week.

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