Back in mid November we got an email from someone claiming that we were infringing on their “Haystack” trademark. To their credit, the email was kind and calm. No legalese, no pointed cease and desist, nothing harsh — just a “Hey guys, we’ve got a problem here…” email.

They felt our use of Haystack was infringing on their registered Haystack trademark in the “business information services” category.

Over the next few weeks we traded a few emails back and forth. We didn’t agree with their claim, but we didn’t want to get into a protracted legal battle either. Any time you can avoid lawyers is a good time. They agreed.

We discussed purchasing the trademark from them, but we couldn’t agree on a price. So in the end we decided we’d just rename our Haystack service. We were only a few months in, and we’re in this for the long term, so renaming early wouldn’t be a huge deal. We’d cut our losses and move on. The sooner the better.


So today we announce that Haystack is now called Sortfolio. We kept the domain name so the old URLs redirect instantly to the new URLs. No broken URLs, no interruption in service.

Promotion begins again

We poured a lot of promotional effort into Haystack during the first month. Lots of folks have been getting lots of work. Unfortunately we had to go quiet during the trademark negotiations. We didn’t want to promote a name we might have had to change.

Now that we’re back in the clear, and Sortfolio is live, we can begin our promotional campaign again. We’ve got some big stuff planned including a special, innovative promotion we’ll be running on The Deck starting in a few days.

We will also be giving all current paying Sortfolio customers a free month to say we’re sorry for having to pull back on promo for about 45 days. Details on this will be emailed to our paying customers shortly.

Find a designer or get a client

So, if you’re looking for a web designer, or you’re a web designer looking for work, check out Sortfolio today. Continued success to everyone.