Yesterday we alluded to a new Sortfolio promotion we’ll be running across The Deck Network. The promotion started yesterday and will run for at least the next 60 days.

How it works

We purchased a slot on The Deck for Sortfolio. That gives us somewhere between 2,500,000 and 3,000,000 ad impressions across over a 30 day period. We used to run a static ad in that spot, but what we’re doing now is splitting the ad display 25% static and 75% dynamic. The dynamic ads feature our Sortfolio Pro customers.

25% static

25% of the time, our ad will look like this:

75% dynamic

75% of the time, our ad will be generated dynamically and feature a Sortfolio Pro listing ($99/month). Currently about 140 companies have Pro listings. The ad will feature a crop of their primary screenshot as well as a link directly to their Sortfolio page. Here are a few examples:

This means the companies paying $99/month to be highlighted on Sortfolio are also getting roughly 15,000 highlighted ad impressions across The Deck Network too.

This means your web design company could get prime exposure on sites like Daring Fireball, A List Apart, 43 Folders,, The Morning News, Ze Frank, Twitteriffic (in app), Design Observer, etc. There are currently 40 high profile sites that run Deck ads.

More exposure = more potential business

We hope this added high-profile exposure leads to more business for your web design firm. If you aren’t listed on Sortfolio yet, get listed today. It’s free to list your company, but if you want have a chance at having a featured ad run across The Deck Network, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro plan.