New in Basecamp: Redesigned messages section
We just launched a redesigned message section in Basecamp. The redesign brings current discussions to the top of the screen for easy discoverability and quick access. We also cleaned up the message design and added avatars to each message in the list.

Screen shot 2010-02-09 at 9.42.31 PM

New in Basecamp: Reply to assignment emails
When you assign a to-do or milestone to someone in Basecamp you have the option of notifying them via email. If you check the box, the person will receive an email listing the to-do or milestone, along with a link back to that to-do or milestone…Now people can reply to the initial notification email for to-dos or milestones and the reply will be automatically posted to the project as a comment. No more potential for lost communications.

Centripetal Software offers comprehensive backup solution for business users of Basecamp
“It will perform a backup of all of your data, files and writeboards from Basecamp and have it delivered directly to you by Dropbox or FTP. You can access your data at anytime because it’s stored in formats you already use, not proprietary formats that requires special software to open. The automated scheduling of the product allows you to setup your backup and then not think about it again. Centripetal Software offers a 30 day free trial on every backup job with prices starting at free forever to $55/month.”

New in Campfire: Chat highlights and improved transcripts
The first improvement are chat highlights. Highlights let you mark any line in the chat room with a star. Those starred chats then appear in a special “highlights” section of the transcript letting anyone in your group see what you and others thought was interesting or important on that day. Highlights are a great way to save a chat you’d like to refer to later or emphasize in your group.


New in Campfire: Formatted Tweets
Now you can actually read the tweet in the chat – you don’t have to click over to Twitter to read it anymore. And there’s a bonus: Any tweet you paste into Campfire is now searchable in your transcripts.


New in Highrise: A redesigned “stream”
The date is black and bold like before, but the other data is treated more like a traditional email header in an email application. Each main point gets its own line. It’s smaller and a different size/color than the content below. You know where the data ends and the content begins. There’s only one key link on the left side above the content.


New in Highrise: Search for cases and deals in the sidebar
We’ve always had a search field in the sidebar that let you jump straight to a contact. Start typing a name, see a list, hit return to go to the first one or use your mouse or keyboard arrow keys to jump around in the list. Today we added cases and deals to the search. Here’s what it looks like:


Use CakeMail to send targeted email messages to your Highrise contacts
“Email is crucial to facilitating dialogue with your client base, and fundamental to your company’s CRM strategy. The Highrise + CakeMail integration allows you to quickly and easily import your existing Highrise contacts into your CakeMail subscriber lists – allowing you to send targeted, highly-personalized HTML or text emails to your leads and/or customers. Use CakeMail’s comprehensive reporting tools to track who opened, clicked or forwarded, who unsubscribed, and much more. Plus, by activating our new CakeMail and Google Analytics module, you can even track what your customers do on-site after receiving your mailing.”

Save $42k a year by using Highrise instead of Salesforce to manage contacts
“Consider the SAAS-impressive Highrise instead of A good information management program is mandatory. Where is expensive, particularly with multiple user accounts (starting at $3,900 per quarter) Highrise has much of the same functionality for managing contacts but at a fraction of the price. Consider prices starting at $49 per month for 15 user accounts and up to 20,000 contacts in the database. Plus you can try it free first to see if it meets your needs. Savings: up to $3,500 per quarter.”

Step-by-step tips on creating a public page in Backpack
“Have you ever wanted to make a quick webpage? Not a full site, but simply a page with information, some pictures and perhaps a map or video? Backpack from 37signals is a great tool for keeping track of your personal and business information, but it can also be used to quickly make a public or private site.”

Multiple products
Trendcentral: 37signals creates “a tracking process for the entrepreneur’s world that you never learned in business school”
Trendcentral discusses the fast rise in entrepreneurship and calls 37signals “a cutting edge online business software service that helps nascent enterprises keep up with the pressure cooker climate of running a start-up.”

Writeboard and Backpack “make group projects both fun and productive”
“Writeboard: Class projects reinvented” describes how the author used Writeboard and Backpack for a team project at Florida Tech.

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