REWORK Q&A with Jason at 800 CEO Questions include: What are some of the ways that “big” can work against a company and their ideas? How and when does productivity best happen? And this one:

How is spam more than just an email issue?

Spam is a way of thinking. It’s an impersonal, imprecise, inexact approach. You’re merely throwing something against the wall to see if it sticks. You’re harassing thousands of people hoping that a couple will respond.

Press releases are spam. Each one is a generic pitch for coverage sent out to hundreds of journalists you don’t know hoping that one will write about you.

Resumés are spam when someone shotguns out hundreds at a time to potential employers. They don’t care about landing your job, they just care about landing any job.

Spam is basically a half-ass way of getting someone’s attention. It’s insulting, really.

A much better route: Be personal. Call someone. Or write a note. If you read a story about a similar company or product, contact the journalist who wrote it and pitch them with some passion. If you want a job, write an amazing cover letter that explains why you’d love to work there.

Don’t rely on the shotgun approach of spam though. If you invest nothing in your interactions, you probably won’t get much back.

Also, kind words from 800 CEO Read’s Jon Mueller about the book:

This isn’t just a book about changing your business, it’s about changing how you think about business, and is, perhaps, one of the most important books you’ll read this year.

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