REWORK, our new book on starting, building, and growing — or not growing — a business was released one week ago today. The book is selling out around the country and rocketed to #3 on’s bestseller list. Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy and spread the word.

But there’s this book right ahead of it by this guy named Karl Rove. Heard of him? Turns out his book just came out too. And he’s all over the press (well, part of it) pitching, pitching, and pitching.

We wondered how we could compete with Rove on the bestseller list. We don’t have the luxury of friends in high places. We don’t have national TV exposure. So how could we be Rovian and beat him at his own game? One thing immediately came to mind: An attack ad.

With a wink and a grin, we present the truth about Karl Rove’s “Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight” and 37signals’ REWORK:

Spread the word. Find out more about REWORK.

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(Special thanks to Steve Delahoyde from Coudal for putting this together so quickly. We presented the idea in rough form late Thursday afternoon, and by Saturday morning we had the finished product uploaded to the Basecamp project. We owe you Steve.)