Highlights from this week’s 37signals staff posts at Twitter.

@mattlinderman From the “if it sounds like BS, it probably is” category: Goldman Sachs’ “synthetic collateralized debt obligation” http://nyti.ms/acXgJN

@dhh I mean, really, Apple, http://is.gd/buYUb and http://is.gd/buYTR – words fail me. (via timbray)—it’s a sad time to be an Apple “fan” :(

@rjs Bit the bullet and got a network drive. The WD My Book was really easy to set up. Plug into Time Capsule. Done. http://amzn.to/baWO0O

@dhh Someone should plot the historical likelihood of failure if a company reaches Series E funding. Gut says it’s towering.

@mattlinderman Art w/ push pins instead of pixels. “Georges Seurat meets Office Depot.” Neat how viewer distance changes the impact. http://bit.ly/aBJ0JN

@jasonfried “Knowing the name of something doesn’t mean you know the something.” -Richard Feynman (paraphrased)

@mattlinderman http://bit.ly/de08xT – Consulting business? Cut back client work 50% for a while & build a product. Even if it fails, you’ll learn a ton.

@rjs A product can be so compelling that it reaches out into its context and rearranges the constraining forces and incentives.

@dhh Thanks to awesome some volunteers, we’re in the process of bringing Basecamp to Norweigan, Russian, Greek, French, Swedish, German, and more

@rjs The more websites I work on, the more I understand why people say IA and graphic design are different skill sets.

@asianmack Companies spend $$$ on interactive microsites. Agencies make $$$ creating them. Who goes there or remembers them? iAds won’t be better.

@jasonfried Excess meetings, documents & policies are the saturated fats, sugars, preservatives & artificial ingredients of business.