Here’s a stool at a gate at O’Hare (Chicago) airport:

Everything below the seat was black painted metal. I’m sure it looked nice when it was painted and originally installed, but it ages quickly. So here we have a material (metal) that will last forever, but a high-contrast finish (paint) that only lasts a fraction of forever. Probably not the best idea for a high traffic area – especially when a lot of people in airports have hard-soled shoes. A bad design decision.

Here’s a stool at a gate at Hartsfield-Jackson (Atlanta) airport:

More comfy seat, but let’s look at the base. It’s either steel or aluminum. But it’s bare – no paint. It’ll hold up just as long as the metal base on the stool at O’Hare, but it’ll age more gracefully. No paint means nothing wears off. It looks new longer. Less maintenance means money saved and aesthetics maintained. Good design decision.