A few of this week’s 37signals staff posts at Twitter.

asianmack@asianmack: Great view on popular cameras used on Flickr. Surprised they don’t tie commerce to this. http://www.flickr.com/cameras/

Joshua Sierles@jsierles: Have you hugged your sysadmin lately? http://www.sysadminday.com

Jason Fried@jasonfried: Airlines: Make it easy to share an itinerary before it’s booked. Would make it easier to book a flight for someone.

Ryan Singer@rjs: Coudal is so good http://www.coudal.com/monona/

Jason Fried@jasonfried: My one-hour video interview with Big Think for the HP Input|Output series is now online: http://bit.ly/csvBCt

DHH@dhh: If you can’t make money off 30 million units sold, you’re doing it wrong. LG posts Q2 loss: http://bit.ly/aE3×6i

DHH@dhh: We’ve crossed another milestone for Rails development. More than 1,600 people had at least one patch accepted: http://bit.ly/OFVfJ

Ryan Singer@rjs: Dan Benjamin’s “The Pipeline” interview with Adam Lisagor is worth listening to http://5by5.tv/pipeline/22

Jason Fried@jasonfried: Create your own handwriting font in 5 minutes on the iPad with iFontMaker: http://2ttf.com

Matt Linderman@mattlinderman: Interesting: About 70% of Groupon’s customer service reps are connected to the local theater scene. http://bit.ly/9I9Al8