Sal Khan of The Khan Academy talking (via Skype) to 37signals at our learning theater yesterday:


It was an hourlong Q&A session. Some of the topics covered:

  • How his videos are being used by schools and teachers
  • How asynchronous learning is changing educational possibilities for the third world
  • How his video format has helped him to be successful (e.g. not seeing his face helps viewers connect to his voice and the lesson)
  • How he prepares for videos
  • His priorities in teaching (e.g. getting people to develop intuition)
  • How the YouTube video length constraint helped him create more digestible content compared to typical lecture lengths (10 minute clips actually match up nicely with typical attention spans)

A couple of interesting counterintuitive ideas: He mentioned that the more money people spend on videos, the worse those videos seem to get. Also, he thinks it makes more sense to have students watch lectures at home and do homework at school as opposed to vice versa.

Thanks Sal!

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