Now that we’re 20 people, it’s time we add someone to our team who is dedicated to making sure our day-to-day administrative tasks are taken care of efficiently, reliably, and properly.

Here’s who we’re looking for:

You’re the type of person who thrives on taking care of things the right way the first time. A task comes in and you figure out how to get it done without having to ask a lot of questions. When you say “I’ll take care of it” we know it’ll be done well. You get excited when you know you’ve made someone else’s day easier. Great handwriting is a plus, too.

If you were working for us, here are some of the things you would have done last week:

  • Talked to the landlord to get an update on the parking garage situation.
  • Coordinated with Abt Electronics to schedule installation of 4 flat panels.
  • Received UPS/FedEx deliveries + US mail.
  • Sent 25 handwritten thank you notes to customers.
  • Recommended restaurants and activities for our of town guests.
  • Booked two hotel rooms and two flights for out of towners.
  • Answered a handful of calls and routed them to the right people.
  • Researched and recommended local floral arrangers for weekly flowers for the office.
  • Researched and recommended local caterers for a variety of events.
  • Cleaned up our Highrise account to make sure contacts have photos, proper company names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • Showed the cleaning crew exactly what we needed cleaned.
  • Took notes during various discussions + transcribed some audio to text.
  • Researched and recommended dental/vision healthcare plans.
  • Asked 100 customers permission to include them on our customer page.
  • Paid a few bills.
  • Welcomed various people to the office.
  • Packed up and shipped out about 5 copies of REWORK to various people.
  • Packed up and shipped out a few other packages.
  • Picked up some office supplies.
  • Answered a dozen general questions about 37signals via email/phone.

Here are some other things you might do:

  • Basic event planning/management/support for our in-house workshops.
  • Handle any basic issues with outside vendors.
  • Check in occasionally with top customers via phone/email.
  • Stay on top of things that were promised to us but haven’t been delivered yet.
  • Fill in on some basic customer service/support if the team is short.
  • General reception duties.

Experience is important. We’re looking for someone who’s managed an office of 20+ before, or has worked full time as an executive assistant for someone who had a very full schedule. You should consider yourself a pro – this is not a job for first timers or designers/programmers who are looking to work their way into another job at 37signals. Note: You must live in the Chicago area to apply for this job.

If this job sounds like something you’d love to do every day, we definitely want to hear from you. We need to hear from you!

Please get in touch by emailing jointheteam [at] 37signals dot com and include “OMEA” (no quotes) somewhere in the subject. Thanks!