Q: What testing frameworks and processes do you use?

A: It’s really interesting that it’s such a common question, testing frameworks as opposed to many other tool choices you could make. I’m not sure why that is. It might be because it’s such an aesthetic choice and also such an unimportant choice. Ultimately, it’s that you’re testing at all, that you have an idea of what your software is supposed to do and that you’re writing it out so you can programmatically test it. So it becomes a place that’s just primed for bikeshedding. There are so many different possibilities, and it’s such a programmer-friendly kind of thing to work on, that there are tons of different libraries scratching everybody’s individual aesthetic itch. It becomes a question of whether you like periwinkle blue versus cornflower blue. In the end, you’re testing.

Jeremy during 37signals Podcast Episode #20: Programming roundtable (Part 1 of 3) (the transcript for this episode is now available)