The transcript from Episode #22: Programming roundtable (Part 3 of 3) of the 37signals Podcast is now available. Here’s an excerpt.

Question from SvN reader: “How do you keep up your interest in a project or product? Generally I get bored with projects after a few months.”

Jamis: Our team structure, I think, really helps that because we aren’t stuck on anything for more than about two months…Generally we work on small things, quick iterations, two or three weeks maybe for a single feature and then you move on to another product even to add something there. There’s not a lot of opportunity now for getting bored with what you’re working on.

Jeff: Even before the team structure, we sort of naturally would do things in small chunks. If you’re getting bored then you’re not doing good work, you’re not motivated. And none of us want that. So, we sort of have this built in desire to keep things small and achievable so that we can move on to something more exciting. So, I don’t really give myself much of a chance to get bored. If I find myself starting to get bored, it means that I’ve got to stop and be like: “What can I ship now and how can I go on to the next thing that feels new?”

Jeremy: I think that that feeling of being bored, there’s a little bit of self-entitlement…If you’re bored, you’re boring. You need to think about what you’re doing and find excitement in it. It takes motivation, it takes energy and you’ve got to pour it in. And if you’re not feeling it, you’re not feeling motivated, the answer probably isn’t in the product you’re working on or the code you’re working on. It’s in your approach to it, how you think about it, and how you think about your life.

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