stylusWe’re teaming up with Griffin Technology to give 10 people their iPad Stylus along with our Draft app. Visit Griffin for full directions on how to enter.

Griffin’s Stylus is among the most popular iPad Stylus on the market. Bob Tedeschi from The New York Times recently wrote about it in his Gadgetwise column:

Use a good stylus like one from Griffin Technologies. It’s $20, but unlike other products on the market, it feels like a pen and its metal clip holds fast to your iPad notebook. And it won’t snap easily, like the many plastic stylus devices on the market.

Jason Zimdars is one 37signals designer who uses the Stylus. His thoughts on it:

It gives you a little more precision than using your finger because the tip is smaller than your finger, especially because you can see better. Your finger covers more of the image when you’re drawing. But for me I think more than anything it just feels more natural to use a pencil-like tool rather than a finger when you’re drawing. So it’s more natural for me to grab an iPad and the stylus just like I would a pen and my sketchbook.

Draft is a straightforward sketch app for iPad. You can get it in the App Store for $9.99.

More details on the contest and how to enter.