Back in September we launched Smiley, an internal tool we built to measure customer happiness as it relates to our customer service and support.

Smiley has had a tremendous positive impact on our overall customer service. We’ve learned a lot about what it takes to make a customer happy. And our customers are happier as a result. As it goes, if you want to improve something, measure it.

Inside 37signals, everyone can see our customer service ratings. We have a dashboard that shows how we’re doing. It’s great. I look at the page a dozen times a day to see how we’re doing. When I pitch in on support I’m very conscious of my ratings. Knowing how you’re doing helps you do better.

Going public

However, we want to go even further. We want to be held to even higher standards of excellence when it comes to our customer service. So we’ve decided to expose our customer service ratings to the world. If you want to see how we’re doing, visit It’s a real-time scorecard of our last 100 ratings.

Smiley scorecard

Please keep an eye on us and keep us honest. We’re working hard every day to try to make 100% of our customers happy.