So far we’ve talked about the big picture and permissions and groups. Next we’re going to talk about the welcome screen and workspace tabs.

The Blank Slate
Back on September 19, 2003 I posted a message about the “Blank Slate.” The blank slate is the first screen someone sees when they log into a web-app for the first time. It’s what they see when there isn’t any data. It’s the critical first impression.

We pay a lot of attention to the blank slate states. I think Highrise has at least 8 of them. One for almost ever major feature and some special “almost-blank slates” for screen with just a little bit of data. Some blank slates go away instantly while others go away after you’ve done something three times.

The Welcome Tab
One blank slate I wanted to focus on for this Highrise preview is the Welcome State. This is the first screen you see after you’ve created your Highrise account. It gives a quick link to get started with the primary feature (adding people), a summary of the key benefits of Highrise, and some other things you can do too.

Highrise welcome tab

This is valuable information. It’s a great “home base.” However, most blank slates go away after you’ve seen them once. They go away once data has been entered into the system. That’s usually the right thing to do, but blank slates can also be comforting places to return to if you ever get lost or confused or just want to go back somewhere that’s “safe.”

So we decided in Highrise we’d make the initial blank slate its own tab called “Welcome.” You can keep the welcome tab around for 1 minute or for 3 months or forever. When you feel comfortable enough with Highrise you can choose to hide the welcome tab forever.

The Workspace Tabs
The other thing we wanted to present in this third Highrise preview are the workspace tabs.

Like most web apps, Highrise has a set of permanent tabs. In Highrise they are Dashboard, Contacts, Tasks, and Cases.

Major tabs

Next to those tabs are the workspace tabs.

Workspace tabs

The workspace tabs are built dynamically based on the last 5 people, companies, or cases you’ve viewed. They keep the recently or frequently accessed subjects near by. It’s especially handy when you’re working with or jumping between a small set of people. Instead of having to browse or search for these people each time, the workspace tabs keep them close at hand.

Sign up to have a chance at a Golden Ticket
As we get closer to launch we’ll begin issuing “golden tickets.” Golden ticket holders will have access to sign-up for Highrise prior to the public launch. To sign up for a chance at a golden ticket, be sure to sign up for the Highrise announcement list