We’re looking to hire a full time filmmaker at 37signals. An all-in-one video shooter, editor, and producer. We want someone who’s expert at telling creative stories with a video camera. This is what you should love to do.

Initially you’ll be focused on capturing our most interesting customers on video. We want to film, edit, and produce at least 20 creative and unique 3-5 minute customer interviews and features over the next 12 months. Testimonials are usually boring – we want to be sure to avoid anything boring. You’d be in charge of making this happen.

On top of that we have a variety of interesting internal video projects we’d like to explore. Everything from documenting how we work at 37signals to guided personal tours of our apps to filming guest speakers, workshops, and events in our theater.

We’d like to break new ground here – most videos about software are sleep-inducing or cringeworthy. We’re looking for creative leadership. What’s possible? What would be interesting and entertaining to get on camera? We want videos that people watch from beginning to end.

To get a feel for the level of quality we’re after, here’s an example of a customer video that our friends at Coudal Partners filmed, edited, and produced for us: Atelier Wedding Planners. And here’s another about how Threadless uses Basecamp. We’re not looking to mimic these – you should bring your own eye, style, and ideas to the table. For additional reference, we really admire the stuff that Adam Lisagor has been putting out.

This is job full of freedom, exploration, and creativity, but at the end you need to deliver practical, effective, and beautifully polished and produced videos. From behind the camera you should know how to get the best of someone who’s in front of the camera.

You should also have experience vetting interview candidates. We’ll have hundreds of customers who are interested in telling their stories, so we’ll need your help to figure out which ones will make the best subjects.

How to apply

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject [VIDEO]. Send us examples of your work, why you want to work at 37signals, and anything else you think will help you stand out. We typically get 100+ applications for a position at 37signals, so we look favorably upon those who make it easy for us to see how good they are.

Also, this is a Chicago-based position. We’re going to be doing a lot of spontaneous filming at the office so it’s important you’re in town. You’ll work out of our office.

We’re excited to hear from you.